The Nurtured Trust Triangle

"Trust" is the number one issue in organizations and business today - trust between staff and managers, leaders and reports, customers and suppliers. But trust is a notoriously slippery and subjective beast; several years ago, my friend and colleague Mark Cappellino switched on a light bulb for me with a diagram I must have sketched 100 times:
Now, Mark didn't come up with this, but it was in the context of a leadership team that was really stuck by trust, and it helped break down exactly how trust between two people gets out of alignment:
- Can you actually do what we are committing to?
- Do you mean it?
- Can you do it over and over?

This little triangle seems to come up in nearly every organizational conversation recently -- or maybe forever, and we're just now realizing what it really is.

For a different model of trust, check out David Hutchens' fine book "A Slice of Trust" -- a slim, entertaining volume with lots of easy-to-digest insight.

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